Looking at buying property in West Virginia?

Read on and discover how to get 1% back on your next purchase.

Get 1% back on your next purchase

Dear WV Real Estate Buyer,

We partner with licensed brokers to sell real estate in the State of West Virginia. We are the only company in WV to help provide this unique service to people like yourself who are looking to make a purchase in the WV real estate market.

If you’re considering a WV Real Estate purchase in near future then we have some revealing information for you that you may not be aware of yet.

Recent changes in West Virginia State Law have enabled companies like ourselves to partner with special West Virginia Real Estate Brokers who are willing to refund a third of their normal commissions to you. This is possible on every Real Estate transaction where the seller pays commission.

This means we are the only company that can offer you a way to get 1% of  your next home purchase put straight back into your pocket. For example, when you purchase a $300,000 home through us you will receive a check for $3000 after settlement!

How does the 1% back offer work?

It’s just three simple steps:

Step 1


Our fully licensed WV Real Estate brokers will represent you throughout the entire purchasing process.

Step 2


WV-Real-Estate.net has access to the best local listings and a national database of all West Virginia property for sale.

Step 3


After you have signed on the dotted line, we give you back 1% of the broker’s paid commission.

“Service so good, we pay you to try us.”

Fill in your details below and we will have one of our fully qualified
buyers agents call you personally to discuss your property needs.

West Virginia

WV-Real-Estate.net is backed by qualified real estate brokers
Accredited by the state of West Virginia, USA.

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